Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Interval

While at Fort Mason today I discovered that the Long Now Foundation has remade its vague storefront space into a fancy bar called The Interval. The Long Now was founded by people who did well in the 1st tech boom & is a think tank for ideas about planning & sustainability over very long time periods. Their flagship project is the 10,000 Year Clock, a huge timepiece built inside a mountain & designed to last for 10 millennia.

Bar decor includes an orrery, silhouette portraits of board members, & books neatly arranged on unreachable shelves.

There was a gathering of international students when I popped in to take a look. I was mistaken for one of their event speakers while I was perusing the drinks menu.

There's a nice nook with a bridge view in the back.

The place probably works better as party space than a bar or cafe, but someone with a laptop & cellphone managed to turn one of the few tables into an office.

Generous donors to the foundation may be allotted a personal flask of high quality gin, which hangs in a numbered space in the ceiling, awaiting their next visit.


Civic Center said...

You should have just gone with the flow and given a speech about something, anything, and maybe they would have given YOU a flask of gin with your name and number on it.

Axel Feldheim said...

You're right! I should have just asked the matron in charge of the group who I was on after & what my gin flask number was.