Thursday, July 31, 2014

Renegade Craft Fair

2 weekends ago, fleeing the ramen mobs, I made a short visit to the summer edition of the Renegade Craft Fair, a marketplace for small independent vendors selling handcrafted goods. I think of it as a real-world version of Etsy. Hundreds of vendors filled a large pavillion in Fort Mason, & the place was crowded.

It's definitely geared toward women shoppers.

This customer received a bowtie-tying lesson with her purchase.

The merchandise is not cheap, but everything looks attractive. This booth for wooden toys was a retail environment in itself.

I had no idea how to use the camping gear at the Bush Smarts table, but I felt the need to handle every item.

These CURIO cat litter boxes constructed of beautifully textured wood are nicer than any piece of furniture in my apartment.

§ The Renegade Craft Fair
San Francisco July Market 2014
July 19+20
11 am – 6 pm both days.


Michael Strickland said...

Maybe you should get a cat so you'd have an excuse to go upscale, at least with your litter box.

Axel Feldheim said...

If I had a pet, I think I would be resentful that it had a nicer place to go to the bathroom than me.

The maker told me that he already sold one that day to someone who did not have a cat. The customer was going to use the box as an end table.