Monday, July 14, 2014

Bookish Beasts

This Sunday afternoon, as the final game of World Cup 2014 got underway, the Center for Sex & Culture hosted a small zine fest. The offerings were eclectic. There were old school xeroxed & stapled zines, art & books from independent publishers. I saw a stack of pre-Internet, mint condition adult comic books as well as a children's picture book explaining principles of anarchism. Unusually, there was a high proportion of women exhibitors. The atmosphere was low-key, & I had friendly chats with the familiar faces of Jon Macy, Tyler Cohen & David Kelly. It was nice to hear Mr. Macy say that he liked creating work for a small niche audience. I also got to see someone climb up the venue's dance pole & strike a pose.

§ Bookish Beasts
July 13, 2014, noon-6PM
The Center for Sex and Culture

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