Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tenderloin National Forest

Tenderloin National ForestOn Friday afternoon I found the Tenderloin National Forest in Cohen Alley, a narrow strip of space between buildings near the corner of Ellis & Leavenworth. It's an art project sponsored by the The Luggage Store. Entrance is through huge swinging gates. The forest consists of lushly planted areas, paved walkways & colorful painted murals. An impressive tree, several stories tall, is toward the back. The landscape is unexpectedly tranquil, & the plants are very well maintained. Birds seem not to have discovered the place. The only sound I heard was the laughter of some women inside one of the surrounding buildings. They might have been watching a TV game show together. I was the lone visitor. The forest also houses a little hut with mud brick walls, an outdoor kiln & low walls embedded with wine bottles.

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