Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book Arts Jam

Braille TypesetterI was down at Foothill College this morning for the Book Arts Jam, an exhibition of hand-made books & printing sponsored by the Bay Area Book Artists. I was delighted to meet again the creator of the whimsical zine All This Is Mine & get the latest issue from her. I handled one of Gay Kraeger's gorgeous watercolor journals with awe. It was on display as a sample of bookbinder Brenda Jatho's wares, yet it was hard to resist the temptation to walk off with it. I also admired Penny Nii's book of Chinese horoscope animals, whose unusual binding opens 3-dimensionally.

This was my 1st time at this event, & I recognized several exhibitors from Steamroller Prints & Zine Fest. Among both exhibitors & attendees, middle-aged & older women predominated. Are these my new friends if I take up book-making as hobby? I started the bidding in the silent auction for a beautiful collaborative bestiary produced by BABA members. However, my moderate $40 bid was immediately followed by a $100 bid. Where's the fun in that?

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