Friday, October 09, 2009

High Line Park

High Line ParkHigh Line Park is another of those attractions that people keep mentioning. Yesterday morning just before noon I took a walk along this fragment of elevated train tracks turned into an urban park. It's 3 stories up, so one gets unusual views of the surrounding architecture, the river & billboards, which are now at eye-level. It's definitely more urban than park. There is an observation deck of sort, designed explicitly for viewing the traffic below. The planted areas are made to look wild, but they are contained & clearly delineated, more like decorations for the walkways. There is plenty of seating, & even a coffee stand & restrooms midway down the path. Lots of people, with cameras in hand, were promenading on this windy morning.

For lunch, I had take-out sushi from Chelsea Market, an over-crowded gourmet food mall right beneath the park. The overcrowding may have been due to preparations for the New York City Wind & Food Festival opening that night.

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