Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gil Shaham at LPR

Gil Shaham, violin and The Knights
with Adele Anthony and music of Pablo Sarasate
Le Poisson Rouge
Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Carmen Fantasy
Song of the Nightingale
Concert Fantasy on Gounod's "Faust"
Introduction and Tarantella

The show opened with a video featuring an extremely silly Gil Shaham being chased through the streets of New York by a man in a ridiculous bull costume. The show itself carried on this mood of fun, consisting of Mr. Shaham & his wife, violinist Adele Anthony, alterating in Sarasate show pieces, then concluding with the duet Navarra. Mr. Shaham's playing of this repertoire is both virtuosic & big-hearted. He treats it as real music, not just show pieces. I especially enjoyed the Faust fantasy. In fact I enjoyed it more than a recent hearing of the actual opera.

Mr. Shaham & Ms. Anthony were backed by an excellent chamber orchestra called The Knights, conducted by Eric Jacobsen. I was delighted by this full complement of strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion & harp. I liked the joyful playing of their concertmaster as well as his great facial hair. The facile playing of their trumpet stood out as a great bonus. For some reason the show was miked. Though it was done with discretion, I doubt that this was necessary.

I have to say that I even had fun showing up at Le Poisson Rouge early & being in a line outside a night club, as if I we were waiting to see a favorite rock band. For the full effect, we sat at a table right next to the stage & got drinks & food. Le Poisson Rouge is an ideal fusion of alcohol, appetizers & classical music. A definite pleasure.


sfmike said...

Are you purposely trying to incite envy? If so, you have been successful.

Axel Feldheim said...

Yay for me! Though I just might possibly be the slightest little bit jealous of your photo op at the Smuin Ballet rehearsal. SF needs an LPR clone.

I saw Abduction but I couldn't figure out which Janissary you were.

sfmike said...

I was the one wrestling Blonde to the ground at the finale.

And the Cafe du Nord/Swedish American Hall have been presenting LPRish kind of repertory. They just aren't in the West Village with internationally famous performers living nearby. Hence, the envy.

Axel Feldheim said...

sfmike: ok, i know which Janissary you were now. what toughs those Turkish mercenaries were!

yes, i'm afraid that LPR is inspiring a good deal of envy in this San Franciscan as well.