Sunday, September 27, 2009

Expo for Independent Arts

James c ferrellIt was a gorgeous day to check out the Expo for Independent Arts, scattered throughout the Golden Gate Park concourse between the 2 museums. It's hard to detect a common thread between the participants, which include visual artists, performing arts groups, publishers, collectives, on-line journalists & progressive political organizations. Perhaps the main thing they had in common was an eagerness to chat.

When I mentioned my up-coming cat-sitting gig, a very amusing young woman from Mission: Comic and Art came up with a brilliant horror scenario involving zombie cats. It was hard to resist the marriage equality pitch from the earnest young fellow at the California Courage table. I had an interesting conversation about the future of journalism with people at The Public Press & News You Might Have Missed.

I was mesmerized by the vivid tintypes portraits offered by RayKo Photo Center. I'm grateful to the photographer for patiently explaining to me how this 19th century photographic process works. It has been revived in modern times, perhaps as a reaction to the non-uniqueness of the digital photograph. My favorite art works, though, were the uncannily proportioned model cars made from painted cardboard by James C. Ferrell.

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