Saturday, May 16, 2009

Richmond Branch Library Reopening

Richmond Branch LIbrary ReopeningIt's nice to know that in this digital age a library opening can still be a big event. This afternoon a huge neighborhood crowd, standing in the hot sun, listened patiently to many speeches & awaited the public reopening of the Richmond Branch Library. I came back a few hours later to do my own inspection. The place was still abuzz with the activity. This was the branch library I most frequented as a kid, though I probably haven't been here in more than a decade. The refurbished space is bright, sterile & looks nothing like what I remember.

There are a lot of workstations reserved for getting on the Internet, but I only saw 3 computers for searching the catalog, all of which were being used. I'll say one thing for the old card catalog: I never had to wait in line to use it.

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