Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Enrique Chagoya at Electric Works

Super-bato saves the worldI was inspired by The Civic Center's posts to visit the Enrique Chagoya show Super-Bato Saves World at Electric Works. When I arrived at midday, the gallery was rehanging parts of the show. The busy but friendly staff apologized, but it was actually interesting to see them handling the works. The show comprises a variety of different objects & is a seemingly indiscriminate mixture of texts & images from disparate pop culture sources, though the theme of colonialism is clear enough. The works are both funny & grisly. I handled a can of Cannibull's Condensed Ponzi Chowder, & I could feel that there is indeed a thick soup inside it.

Cannibull soup cansThe gallery is a quirky place in itself, with counters & shelves filled with unexpected items. I came across a display case whimsically labeled "Owl Measuring Tapes $82". The gallery seems to have a resident dog, a small poodle-like creature wearing a shirt. He constantly paddled about the place with a preoccupied air.


Civic Center said...

I'm so glad you went down to Electric Works. I walked by it for two years before venturing in and the place turned out to be wonderful.

Axel Feldheim said...

sfmike: Well thanks for sending me to Electric Works. I would not have found it on my own. I think because of when I dropped in, I happened to have a brief chat with the gallery owner & glimpsed some staff working on the slot machines, which are in an edition of 8!