Friday, May 29, 2009

Either You're in or You're in the Way

LOGAN MILLER and NOAH MILLER present Either You're in or You're in the Way
Thursday, May 28, 2009 7:30 p.m.
Books Inc. in the Marina

This event featuring the Miller brothers has been well-publicized at my local bookstore for weeks, & I became curious enough to check it out. There was a sizeable attendance of at least 30 people, many of whom had clearly already read the book & seemed to be friends of authors. As near as I could make out, several years ago these 2 plucky brothers, from rather homely beginnings, managed to write, produce, direct & act in their own autobiographical independent film. They then wrote a book about the experience, with the ungainly title Either You're in or You're in the Way.

I guess this event was not for the uninitiated, because I did not get a good sense for either their movie or their book. More fun was simply the spectacle of watching these identical twins in action. Not only do they look very much alike, but they really did finish each other's sentences. They made good on their claim to share everything by drinking from a single glass of water which they passed back & forth during the talk. Even for twins, I would imagine that Logan & Noah are unusually close. I felt that I was witnessing a very rare & enviable closeness.

Their film Touching Home will be screened at AT&T Park on Saturday, June 6th at an event called Bookstock.

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