Thursday, April 17, 2014

Used Book Sale at Fort Mason

The Friends of the SF Public Library are holding their Spring Book Sale at Fort Mason this week through Sunday. It's probably not the most efficient place to find a specific book, but browsing can be fun.

It's $3 for hardcovers, $2 for paperbacks. Other items like CDs are $1. On Sunday, everything goes for a dollar. Shoppers often fill shopping carts.

The collectibles area has interesting titles, though these are priced at more than a few bucks.

The last thing I need is more used books around my apartment, but there were no lines at the registers, so just for fun I bought this wonderfully judgy pocket guide to composers, from 1943. Wagner is called "the Führer of nineteenth century opera."

§ 4th Annual Spring Book Sale
Friends of the San Francisco Public Library
April 16-20th, 2014
10 AM-6 PM
Fort Mason Festival Pavilion


Patrick J. Vaz said...

buying books is an addiction. Sometimes I try to fight it, but most of the time. . . .

Axel Feldheim said...

But books are good for us, so surely it can't be a bad addiction, right?

Patrick J. Vaz said...


Civic Center said...

I know how to deal with my addiction. Many years ago I decided that there would only be two slim bookcases in my life and if I wanted to buy a new book, then something else would have to move on to friends, used bookstores, the trash can, whatever. And I love "The Fuhrer of the 19th Century" characterization of Wagner because of course it's not exactly wrong.

Axel Feldheim said...

I too occasionally purge my shelves in order to make more acquisitions but often regret some of my deaccessions. I have a suspicion that I've bought back a couple of my own books from Green Apple or these library sales.

I'm enjoying the author's pithy assessments as well! I recommend the entry on Scriabin.