Monday, June 14, 2010

Ring Costume Contest

ErdaPrior to the Sunday matinee of Walküre, the San Francisco Opera held a Wagner Ring Cycle Costume Contest, which was open to all interested members of the public. 1st prize went to the politically correct "Eco-Friendly Feminist Siegfried", whose outfit lacked visual splendor but whose hilarious presentation to the judges displayed an impeccable comprehension of Ring mythology. In 2nd place was The Opera Tattler (pictured), as a Mucha-inspired Erda, in a green corset & gold shoes, festooned with live vegetation, & wrapped in a green gauze fabric. Most impressive was her headdress proudly sprouting fresh flowers. She has raised the bar considerably from the headgear she wore in standing room at the Met's Ring last year. Though coming in 2nd, she was the clear crowd favorite & was photographed continuously during & after the event. Her interpretation of Erda conjured up for me a very plausible Art Deco-style Ring. After the contest, The Opera Tattler did indeed attend the Walküre matinee dressed in her outfit. I feared for the person who was to sit behind her.

More of my Tattler photos here. Official contest photos are on facebook.

Other entrants included Fasolt & a captive Freia, a Brünnhilde with the biggest horns I've ever seen, a Valkyrie, & a doggie Wotan carrying his spear in his mouth. Journalist Jason Serinus, covering the event for SFCV, was also a contestant, looking like a cross between Mélisande & Minnie from Fanciulla. I was talking with him for several minutes before I realized I had already met him at the Cal Performances season announcement. It is rather difficult to recognize someone in drag whom you have only met once before.

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