Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Opera Standees Association

The Opera Standees Association met this evening to share their love of opera & discuss up-coming events. The meeting was presided over by their president, who is none other than The Opera Tattler. Her arrival was delayed, but the members had no trouble making lively conversation among themselves. The Tattler oversaw the distribution of access to up-coming Merola Opera events, despite the absence of the Merola liason. OSA members are also looking forward to the June performances at the San Francisco Opera. The Tattler's aforementioned "handsome attaché" was present. He recounted his experience at the opening night of Amelia at Seattle Opera, where he was chagrined to be "dressed like Axel" while others in attendance were de rigueur in their tuxedos.


y2k said...

Could you (or someone) explain to me why the SF Opera season schedule is so strange? 6 operas in a matter of 3 months in the Fall, then 4 operas within a month or so in early summer?

What is the War Memorial house used for when SF Opera is dark during the Spring? The SF ballet?

Where do San Franciscans get their opera fix during the Spring months?

The Opera Tattler said...
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The Opera Tattler said...

Yes, exactly, the SF Ballet and SF Opera sharing one venue, the Ballet tours when not at the War Memorial.

Los Angeles Opera is more or less year round, as is Seattle. There are also a lot of smaller opera companies here: West Bay, Oakland, Berkeley, Livermore Valley, Festival, Opera San José, and so forth.

I'm sort of grateful for the hiatus, because it gives me an excuse to travel for opera.

Axel Feldheim said...

The SF Opera's summer season has had a checkered history, being on, then off, then back on again. I suppose that opera tourists are a part of the target audience. There is no competition with performances at the Met at this time. & once the 3 summer operas enter the repertoire, it is possible to see all of them on successive days.

Thanks for the list of local opera companies, Tattler! We get 2 production from Merola Opera in the summer, & those of us who saw the outdoor Dido & Aeneas last summer are hoping that Urban Opera presents something this year.