Friday, June 12, 2009

UP Movie

Yesterday, in a theater full of children of all ages, I eagerly attended a matinee of Pixar's UP in 3D. The first 5 minutes or so, swiftly traversing decades of our protagonist's life, squeezes more heart-breaking emotion out of an audience than most movies can in 2 hours. It's outrageously manipulative, & I started to get choked up myself. By establishing how much is at stake, this sequence ups the ante on the adventure story that follows.

I liked not being able to guess what direction the adventure plot was going to take next. I'm sure that the movie is a technical marvel, but I was just too busy getting involved in the story to notice. & how could I resist the synchronized team of dogs serving that fancy sit-down dinner?

I can testify that UP is certainly scary for very small children. A couple of kids in my audience stared crying during one of the more intense moments.


Civic Center said...

"Too scary!"

Axel Feldheim said...

Oh dear, were you scared? I still haven't recovered from that wordless montage depicting the events of the old man's married life.