Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Wolf Hall Preview

Last Saturday afternoon at the Castro Theatre, KQED hosted a free preview of the 1st episode of Wolf Hall, the TV serialization of Hilary Mantel's historical novel about the court of Henry VIII. The screening was introduced by Bud Gundy, who reassured us that this was not a pledge break. The show looks like what one would expect of a Masterpiece Theatre drama & is filled with authoritative acting & opulent period costumes & settings. Mark Rylance is a chilly but benign Thomas Cromwell. His character is at the center of every scene, a hand-held camera often following him in & out. Damian Lewis portrays a fit Henry VIII, as opposed to an obese sybarite wielding a turkey leg.

Older females made up the majority of the audience, & my movie companion suggested that Wolf Hall was Game of Thrones for public television. He also admitted that he tried to read the novel but couldn't get through it, though seeing this inspired him to try again. It was nice to hear the Castro's organ before the show, but none of the selections appeared to be from the Tudor period.

§ KQED presents MASTERPIECE: Wolf Hall starring Mark Rylance and Damian Lewis
Wolf Hall Preview
Saturday, March 28 at 1pm
The Castro Theatre

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