Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stuff I should have blogged in January 2007

The Painted Veil isn't a bad movie, but it felt like an extra-long episode of Masterpiece Theatre. In the next week I heard Lang Lang's recital at Davies Hall. As an encore, he performed a piece from the sound track of The Painted Veil, which he is on. Lang Lang is kind of a cross between a classical musician & a pop star. Of course his playing is technically very proficient, & he has very fast fingers.

Jennifer Koh & Reiko Uchida recital at Herbst. Both are exceptional young players, each with a distinct musical personality. I liked the Jennifer Higdon premiere. It used a very cool technique where the pianist imitates the violin pizzicato by reaching into the instrument to stop the strings.

The Children of Men
was an unpleasant & very well-done science fiction thriller.

I heard my favorite pianist Radu Lupu give an ethereal performance of the Mozart d minor concerto with the SF Symphony.

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