Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stuff I should have blogged in December 2006

Saw 2 programs at the SF Silent Film Festival at the Castro: Silly Symphonies (1929 - 1935) -- Hey, these aren't silent at all. Anyway, these must have been real novelties when they 1st started appearing. Instructive to see how quickly they evolved technically & artistically, with Fantasia being the culmination of the series. Chicago (1927) -- A typical product of the era, showing that cynicism & tabloid journalism are hardly contemporary obsessions.

Carmen at the SF Opera. An unexceptional performance, & I've seen this production many times before, but this is such a perfect opera that I can always find things to enjoy in it.

Russian language production of Twelfth Night from the Chekhov International Theatre Festival at the Zellerbach Playhouse. Beautiful, luminous, this was the kind of performance that really draws you in. I was practically weeping for joy. It was a real shame that the house was only about 2/3 full.

Attended the Conservatory Orchestra's 1st concert in their new hall. Very exciting & very loud! Very nice moment in the Saturn movement of The Planets when the conductor Alasdair Neale put down his baton & used his hands to elicit lush, romantic playing from the student orchestra.

I haven't seen the Nutcracker at the SF Ballet in decades probably. New production set in Edwardian San Francisco. Watching all those women standing on their toes got a little tiresome for me. I guess ballet is not really my thing. The pit orchestra has some really good players nowadays, though.

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