Monday, May 18, 2015


Two weekends ago, a friend who is a horror film aficionado took me to see Hookman, a one-act horror-comedy by Lauren Yee, playing in a small basement theater at Z Space. The main character is an understandably paranoid college freshman. She's just been in a car accident that killed her best friend, she's been date raped, & she's being menaced by a serial killer with a hook for hand but who may or may not be imaginary. The play is fast-moving & sharp, & the jumpy dialogue does a good job satirizing the disjointed thoughts of distracted teenagers. Though characters often behave clownishly, there are also discomfiting moments of blood & gore, & the man character's growing hysteria made me feel that something was at stake.

I was impressed by the swift scene changes, which cleverly transform the stage space completely for each location. The audience was hyped for the show, & there was much laughter as well as groans of revulsion. The young cast all looked like they were having fun. My theater companion thought that Taylor Jones in the lead role & Sarah Matthes as her best friend both got the right balance between the cartoony & the realistic. He also confessed that the play's demented epilogue was his favorite part of the show.

§ Hookman
Written by Lauren Yee

Presented by Encore Theatre in association with Z Space
Directed by Becca Wolff

Taylor Jones - Lexi
Sarah Matthes - Jess
Katharine Chin - Yoonji
Aily Roper - Chloe
Jessica Lynn Carroll - Kayleigh
Devin O'Brien - Hookman

May 8, 2015 at 8p
Z Below at Z Space

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