Monday, August 18, 2014

SF Street Food Festival

Late Saturday afternoon I met up with a couple of friends at the San Francisco Street Food Festival, in a lovely tree-lined stretch of Folsom Street in the Mission. The festival has been attracting such big crowds in its 6-year history that this is the last time it will be held here.

I was told that earlier in the day it was so packed that food lines extended the full width of the street. By the time I got there the lines were much shorter, but at least half the vendors had sold out of food.

Attendees were mostly young people, & the atmosphere was cheerful.

It was nice to see the eponymous chef of Gerard's Paella manning the paella pans.

Drinkers were corralled in specially demarcated areas.

There was also non-comestible entertainment that seemed appropriate to the neighborhood.

§ San Francisco Street Food Festival
Saturday, August 16, 2014, 11 a.m - 7p.m

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