Saturday, June 28, 2014

Movement in Paper

The small art gallery in the Student Center on the SF State campus currently has an exhibition of origami models, & it's one of the best organized origami exhibits I've seen. The selections posit origami as a sculptural art form, & the models are displayed so that you can walk completely around them.

The works fall into 3 categories. Tessellations are represented by Goran Konjevod's rippling, pleated forms.

Some of the animals figures are arranged in charmingly animated poses. Their detail is simply astonishing.

The modular examples cover a variety of designs & techniques.

The labels helpfully indicate the designer, the folder & the type of paper. I would also like to know the dimensions of the unfolded sheet of paper, information always omitted in these shows.

§ Movement in Paper: The Evolving form of Origami
May 1st - July 15th, 2014
CCSC Art Gallery, SF State

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