Monday, August 29, 2011

J-Pop Summit Festival 2011

Sunday afternoon I went to Japantown for a lunch of soba noodles & found myself walking through J-Pop, a street fair of Japanese pop culture, sponsored by New People. It was actually a bit sunny out, & the fair was well-attended, mostly by younger people, many of them in anime costumes.

The vendors had interesting outfits too, such as this fellow attracting attention to a booth selling computer games:
J-Pop Summit Festival 2011

In some cases I couldn't tell if people were wearing costumes or not.
J-Pop Summit Festival 2011

$5 got you an extremely abbreviated tea ceremony which included a bite of food, a cup of tea & a gift to take away.
J-Pop Summit Festival 2011

Food trucks the size of semis were there to feed people.
J-Pop Summit Festival 2011

There was also a DIY crafts fair called the Bazaar Bizarre. Vendors sold ridiculously cute merchandise, such as nerd JERK's crochet video game characters & sexi+serpico's iPod cases that look like candy.

Bordering on the freakish was this booth selling baking mixes for doggie treats. There are gluten free options & flavors like poochi sushi.
J-Pop Summit Festival 2011

The musical background for my visit was a live performance by a punk band whose singers imitated the voices of bratty 8-year-old girls.

§ J-Pop Summit Festival 2011
8.27 SAT & 28 SUN, 11am - 6pm
Japantown, San Francisco

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