Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Broadcast

At home early in the morning, I saw Dick Cheney on TV being pushed around in a wheelchair like Dr. Strangelove. A little later I joined the crowd at Yerba Buena Gardens to watch the inauguration on 2 jumbotrons. We booed Rick Warren. We chuckled & cheered at the giant bow on Aretha Franklin's hat. We shared a laugh when Obama & Justice Roberts stepped on one another's lines during the swearing-in.

But all I really cared about was Obama's address. I was happily absorbed in it when all at once the jumbotrons went dead, as if someone had pulled the plug on the whole thing. After a couple of minutes I decided that they weren't going to fix it soon, so I bailed & missed maybe half the speech. I'm downloading the MP3 now. I guess that's the digital future: it works, sort of...

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