Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dr. Allan Hamilton at Stacey's

I was at Stacey's Bookstore on my lunch hour today & heard Dr. Allan Hamilton talk about his book The Scalpel and the Soul. The book seems to be about the author's encounters with the supernatural during his career as a doctor working with patients in medical crises. He's a good presenter & had all his anecdotes lined up, though the 1st couple of stories sounded like ghost stories. As far as the supernatural aspect of this goes, I'm skeptical, but he did have some good criticisms of the way patients are typically treated in hospitals. He also had an interesting piece of advice for people undergoing surgery: make yourself a CD of your favorite music for coming out of anesthesia. Apparently music helps ease this transition.

He had a much bigger audience than the much more relevant Eric Alterman last week. He ended his talk with an unusual give-away proposition. He gave us a secret code that, along with a book receipt number, allows the buyer of his book to download a bonus chapter about getting the most out of one's doctor.

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