Sunday, July 30, 2006

Time To Leave (Le Temps qui reste)

This movie by Francois Ozon got mediocre reviews, but it sounded like something I would like, so I went to see it this afternoon. I thought it was beautiful, philosophical, & very French, though if it resembles anything, it is very much like a Bergman film. The main character is often unpleasant. If he wasn't so ridiculously good-looking, it would be pretty hard to identify with him. But the movie does not rely on our liking him. It's about how this very detached, selfish young man arranges things so that he can die feeling that he has made some kind of peace with himself.

The movie is somber & deliberately paced. It has no surprises, but every scene provides us with information & has a dramatic purpose. There are terrific actors in every role who give very detailed performances. For instance, there is a small but affecting moment at the end when Romain loses interest in the ice cream he's just bought at the beach. I also really liked the woman who played the waitress who asks for Romain's help.

The movie has 3 very explicit sex scenes, which probably made the movie unrateable. None of them involve what would be considered typical sexual situations, but all of them are visceral, erotic, & revealing of character.

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