Monday, April 10, 2006

APE Show

On Saturday I went to the Alternate Press Expo at the Concourse Exhibition Center. There were a lot of exhibitors, & it was really crowded. My favorite discovery was a collection of precious & whimsical paper constructions from "Boxer Press". One item is a paper house that comes with a slot in the roof & a match. Every time you have a regret, you write it on a piece of paper & deposit it in the house. Then at the end of the year you use the match to burn the collected regrets!

The show has its own programming room now. I checked out Justin Hall's panel on Queer Cartoonists. Justin did a good job of giving everyone equal attention & trying to elicit responses that would make the panelists seem interesting.

Since the exhibitors are usually there to show personal projects, they are always really fun to talk to. & they really want to talk to you! Sometimes they come across like puppy dogs, eager to show off & get some attention.

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